Yo WhatsApp Download APK v8.16 (Official)

Yo WhatsApp 8.16 Download – In today’s post, we will know how to do YoWhatsApp Update 2022 and how to download YoWhatsApp.

Recently we told that yowhatsapp gb, it also runs like yo whatsapp. But its future is different which is not there in YoWhatsApp. Download the latest version of YOWhatsApp 2022. Get the latest version on your Android device. Download and install best APK version from this website. YoWhatsApp is one of the most popular mode of WhatsApp messenger App.

Here you have been told in detail about YoWhatsApp, through this blog post you can download YoWhatsApp in your phone, apart from this you will also know how to install Yo WhatsApp. In today’s time people have got used to chatting through internet.

WhatsApp is the best messaging app out of all the apps loved around the world, WhatsApp changed the way people work, today many businesses also talk to their customers through WhatsApp and they need them. provides convenience.

You must have heard that nothing is perfect in this world, there is always something lacking in everything and when it comes to technology, this thing becomes even more applicable because in today’s time the fastest technology just changes. has been

WhatsApp also has some drawbacks or I can say that people need some more feature and setting in WhatsApp and the same amazing setting and feature WhatsApp’s mod app like Yo WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp is providing.

Today there are many mode apps of whatsapp available on internet but only few mods are good in them and people are liking them, among them are yowhatsapp and gb whatsapp. Millions of people are using these mod apps all over the world.

Yo WhatsApp

What is yo whatsapp?

YoWhatsApp is a mod app of official WhatsApp that was created by an independent developer Yousef Al Basha and based on the developer’s name, this mod of WhatsApp was named as YoWhatsApp. Mod app means to make app by making some changes in already available app or by adding some new features or removing some features.

YoWhatsApp is different from official WhatsApp, here you have complete freedom to customize it according to you, for example, you can apply your own theme in YoWhatsApp, also you can create a theme yourself. Here you also get the option to hide your online status.

yowhatsapp is a mod app and it is not maintained by whatsapp team, makers of this app may make some changes in it and also store your data on their own servers before going to whatsapp’s servers, yo whatsapp Nothing can be said about it. Security & Privacy and you should use it at your own risk.

You will not find this WhatsApp mobile app in Google Play Store or Apple App Store as it is a mod app and violates the policies of their platform, however you can download it from This Website.

Interesting and useful information about YoWhatsApp

If you want to use two whatsapp in your phone simultaneously, then it can be done with the help of yo whatsapp, however you can also use official whatsapp 2 in one phone, it has a different method and it is secure is also. You can know about it in detail in this blog post.

To use YoWhatsApp, you had to root your phone earlier, but this is not the case in the latest version of WhatsApp, you can use YoWhatsApp without rooting your phone.

Just like the official WhatsApp, you also get to see updates in YoWhatsApp from time to time, however the way to update YoWhatsApp is different from the way to update the app from Play Store. If you had already downloaded yowhatsapp from this website then you can update it very easily.

In yowhatsapp you get many options to customize the app like you can change theme here, here you get many themes in yowhatsapp’s library, apart from this you can also create your own theme.

In YoWhatsApp, you can hide the status of being online, that is, even if you are online, the person in front will not know that you are online, apart from this, last seen and blue tick can also be removed here.

In official WhatsApp, if you are online, it is known to all people, even if you have turned off the last seen option.

YoWhatsApp also gives you the facility that you can turn off the option of video call or audio call, which means video call service will be stopped on your WhatsApp number and no one will be able to video call you.

Is it safe to use yo whatsapp?

When it comes to digital security, many internet users in our country wonder what does it matter and what will someone do with our data or anyone even knows what kind of services I use in my phone ? What will happen even then?

A lot can be done with your data and it would not be wrong to say here that social media platforms know more about you than you do.

There is no clear answer if we talk about the security and privacy of yowhatsapp, it may be that it is stealing your data and it may also be that y whatsapp has nothing to do with your data.

If experts are to be believed, then everyone has a different opinion, some say that there is nothing in WhatsApp that stores user data on its servers or does any other wrong kind of activity, some experts also say that yowhatsapp is not secure. All in all, it stores the user’s personal data on its servers.

The importance of this thing increases when we see that YoWhatsApp runs relatively slow as compared to the official WhatsApp, some experts say that this is because this app first stores the data on its server and its The latter sends to WhatsApp’s server.

We do not confirm how much truth is there in this and we do not encourage you to use YoWhatsApp at all. You can download it from here. You can click here to see what the official WhatsApp mode says about using WhatsApp.

Recently, WhatsApp banned the accounts of many users who were using any mode other than the official WhatsApp app, although no other information related to the ban has been revealed after that.

Yo whatsapp best features and settings

In yowhatsapp you get many amazing features and settings as compared to official whatsapp and more and more people use it only for these features and settings, in yowhatsapp you can record audio without touching mic icon, same Official WhatsApp you have it keep clicking that button until you speak.

  • In yowhatsapp you get option to remove video call and audio call option, if you don’t want any video call for you, you can disable video call feature in yowhatsapp.
  • YoWhatsApp gives you the freedom to apply any theme, you can apply any theme from the library of YoWhatsApp on your WhatsApp chat section, moreover, if you don’t like any theme or you want to create your own theme Want to apply, if yes then you can also do so.
  • In YoWhatsApp, you can control or hide the tick that appears while sending and receiving messages. The application gives you complete opportunity to control Blue Tick, Single Tick and Double Tick.
  • In yowhatsapp app you get facility of inbuilt app lock i.e app can lock yowhatsapp without downloading any other app lock app.
  • In YoWhatsApp, you can make an impression on any individual without saving the number, in a similar authority WhatsApp, you need to download the number first.
  • The app lets you customize it like you can change the color of the app’s icons, change the design of the text, change the layout, apart from doing a little tinkering with the user interface. Is.
  • With Yo WhatsApp, you can send files or videos up to 700 MB to any person, which is much higher than the official WhatsApp limit.
  • In YoWhatsApp, you can stick in excess of 1000 talks, in a similar authority WhatsApp, you have been permitted to stick 3 visits.
  • Here you can add more than 256 user’s to the YoWhatsApp group.
  • YoWhatsApp also provides you facility to zoom profile picture.

YoWhatsApp APK Update & Download v8.16 (2022)

You should know that you cannot download YoWhatsApp from Google Play Store or App Store because it is against their policy, Also YoWhatsApp is a modern app of WhatsApp. You can download yowhatsapp in your phone from below button.

To download yowhatsapp, you have to click on the button above, after which an add may come, you have to stop this add by clicking on the cross button above, after which yowhatsapp download will start automatically

You can read about yo whatsapp in this blog post till the download process is complete or you can read other posts on our website, take care not to close the browser, if you do this yowhatsapp will not download. You can also run two official WhatsApp in one phone, all the information is given in this blog post.

While downloading yoWhatsApp, your browser warns you that this app may be harmful to your device, it is said because you are downloading the app from a source other than Google Play Store.

There are hundreds of apps of yowhatsapp, in which people have made some changes for their own benefit, due to which yowhatsapp either does not work properly or does not open, here you have to download only real y whatsapp is provided.

On many other websites you are told that the new version of yowhatsapp has arrived, but it is very rare that the original developer of yowhatsapp updates it, whenever the original developer will provide its update, we will update about it. Will inform. And we will update it from here.

How to install yo whatsapp

After downloading yowhatsapp you have to install it by clicking on the button above, to install you have to first do some setting in your phone which is asked to turn on unknown sources, only after enabling it You can play Outside the store on your phone.

One way to install YoWhatsApp is to first enable the feature to install apps outside of the Google Play Store through the setting, and secondly, YoWhatsApp takes you to that setting during the installation, this setting is for you. Have to do Once.

If you haven’t downloaded an app from outside the Google Play Store yet, you’ll be asked about it, if you’ve installed the app before, you don’t need to do anything now.

Go to file manager and click on yowhatsapp file in apk folder and then press install button.

Now if you have not given permission to your phone by installing the app from anywhere other than Play Store, then you will have to give its permission by clicking Yes or Allow option here. If you have already installed any app outside Google Play then YoWhatsApp will start downloading automatically.

After installing the app, open it and check whether it is working properly or not.

If everything goes well then you can create an account through your mobile number here and use WhatsApp with the new feature.

How to update your WhatsApp

YoWhatsApp is also updated from time to time like official WhatsApp, but the way to update it is different from the way to update the app from Play Store. Apart from this, there is also a danger of deleting the chat.

To update yo whatsapp you have to click on the button above and after that install the app. If you had downloaded Yo WhatsApp from this website earlier then you can do this work very easily.

To update you have to download and install new whatsapp leaving yowhatsapp app installed, if everything is correct then your yowhatsapp will be updated, otherwise you will get an error, in that case you have to uninstall the previous yo Whatsapp. Have to install new whatsapp again.

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