Speedway Motorsports founder Bruton Smith dies at 95

Bruton Smith, who rose up out of North Carolina ranch country and parlayed his adoration for motorsports into a Hall of Fame profession as one of the greatest track proprietors 

and best advertisers throughout the entire existence of auto dashing, kicked the bucket Wednesday. He was 95.

His passing was reported by Speedway Motorsports, which refered to regular of causes.

Conceived March 2, 1927, on a ranch in Oakboro, a humble community 30 miles east of Charlotte

Ollen Bruton Smith was the most youthful of nine kids.

He watched his most memorable race as a 8-year-old during the Depression and

and purchased his most memorable race vehicle at 17 for $700.

His child, Marcus, the ongoing president and CEO

R. I. P. Bruton Smith